new video - SALT POINT

SALT POINT. 2018. soundtrack composed by me.
a little video about a place in my home town called salt point where for almost a hundred years there was a plant that pumped salt water from under the earth into big vats to dry  for industrial uses. the plant was demolished in 1960’s and all while i was a kid the area by the lake where it used to stand was a liminal zone where the cool teenagers hung out and drank utica club beer and listened to rock music. it was the setting i imagined for every bruce springsteen song. a few years ago they put up a gate so cars couldn’t drive out to the water anymore and the landscape has recovered and gotten so lush.  i visited salt point everyday for a week, swam and sang & wondered about humans and our extractive approaches to the earth. the first day I sat very still by the water near bits of broken bricks and bindweed and a mink came out of the brambles to watch me. i listened for what a recovering landscape might have to say and i felt a presence larger than the sum of it's parts and layered with multiple historical eras all at once. music composed by me.

new video - planetary magic

within the matrix of the sun, figures representing the visible planets of traditional astrology have a dance party for your destiny