temple of earth worship movie theater

during a two week residency at Bubbawood in White Salmon, WA I created the temple of earth worship movie theater, a 180 piece patchwork tent sewn in my off-grid outdoor art studio under oak trees. during the culminating community even/potluck/bonfire at the end of the residency I screened the video "mother nature's fool" (also created during my two week stay in White Salmon) to an intergenerational audience.


mother nature's fool

short video created during 2018 bubbawood residency, projected on a multicolored 180 piece patchwork tent ("temple of earth worship movie theater") also created during the residency. 
the earth is a magical place of wonder, does it break your heart? are things getting better or worse? the fool is surprised, delighted and horrified by what she discovers on this earth, and practices holding the place in her heart for concurrent love, wonder, and grief for mother earth.


i visited the golden heart of alaska - i've been to many wild places in my life but so far alaska is the wildest. footage from fairbanks, chena hot springs road, and denali, as well as my flight from anchorage back to portland. thumb piano improv by bradley blickenstaff.

new video - SALT POINT

SALT POINT. 2018. soundtrack composed by me.
a little video about a place in my home town called salt point where for almost a hundred years there was a plant that pumped salt water from under the earth into big vats to dry  for industrial uses. the plant was demolished in 1960’s and all while i was a kid the area by the lake where it used to stand was a liminal zone where the cool teenagers hung out and drank utica club beer and listened to rock music. it was the setting i imagined for every bruce springsteen song. a few years ago they put up a gate so cars couldn’t drive out to the water anymore and the landscape has recovered and gotten so lush.  i visited salt point everyday for a week, swam and sang & wondered about humans and our extractive approaches to the earth. the first day I sat very still by the water near bits of broken bricks and bindweed and a mink came out of the brambles to watch me. i listened for what a recovering landscape might have to say and i felt a presence larger than the sum of it's parts and layered with multiple historical eras all at once. music composed by me.

new video - planetary magic

within the matrix of the sun, figures representing the visible planets of traditional astrology have a dance party for your destiny